Whether all full papers submitted to the conference will be considered for SCIE journal?

No. Not all full papers would be considered for SCIE journal.

A committee will evaluate every paper (whether the paper is in the aim and scope of the SCIE journals or not and meeting the standards of the particular SCIE journal), then based on their decision, only selected papers will be subjected to the review process in SCIE journals. If any paper is rejected based on the reviewers' comments the same will be subjected to another review for possible publication in Materials Today Proceedings. If the reviewers' comments are still adverse the paper may be rejected.

Note: All rights are reserved to technical expert committee to select a paper for the particular SCIE journal. No queries would be entertained regarding this. Due to time constraint and complexity in review processing, one paper can be considered for review in ONLY ONE SCIE journal. One paper cannot be considered for more than one SCIE journal.

After paying early-bird or regular registration fee, will the money would be refunded on request?

Procedure wise, first selected papers would be subjected to review process in SCIE journal (remaining papers will be directly reviewed in Materials Today Proceedings Journal). If the paper is rejected in SCIE journal, then the same paper would be subjected to secondary review for Materials Today Proceedings Journal. If the paper is rejected in Materials Today Proceedings also, then the DD would be refunded to the corresponding author, from whom it is received by post.

Request for registration fee shall not be entertained under any other condition.

What is the difference between Early bird registration and Regular registration?

Early bird registration is the payment before deadline i.e. November 10, 2016. Whereas, regular registration is till acceptance of the paper. However, after payment of registration fee only the paper will be included in the journal.

What is the registration process and amount for more than one papers?

For every paper one registration is compulsory.

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